We have been good friends and great admirers of the work of Brooklyn-based artist John Murphy for a number of years now following our first purchase of one of John’s gorgeous limited edition prints some years ago. So imagine our absolute delight when John told us he was launching his very own ceramic range!! Oh yes, people, his very own freakin’ CERAMIC range! (cue lots of whooping, clapping, shrieking and general excited noises in the Morning Edit studio).

And so, with a drum roll in the background, we present John’s Collaged Table series to you, designed to be mixed and matched with each other or to combine with your own vintage pieces to make the friendliest table service ever! And check out the uber-cool Housewarming Plate series too…adorable, no? We’ll be bringing more of John’s work to you in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, please feast your eyes on John’s website here for more.