Print Club London is a fantastic members-only water based screen-printing club for illustrators, designers and artists. Based in Dalston, East London, Print Club London has been providing both facilities and support to so many new and established creatives and has become a hotbed for so much amazing talent. In celebration of this talent, Print Club London annually hosts it’s Blisters show featuring 40 screen-prints by established artists and newbies to the scene alike. This years’ Blisters – The Directors Cut will be showcasing posters inspired by a plethora of iconic movies including The Royal Tenenbaums, Star Wars, The Outsiders, Metropolis, Planet Of The Apes and Psycho!

The amazing line-up includes Alex Ponting, Anthony Peters, Babycrow, Cassandra Yap, Chloe Batchelor, Clifford Richards, Colour Box, Conception Studios, Fran Marchesi, Hattie Stewart, James Joyce, Jess Wilson, Joe Wilson, Karl and Craig, Kate Moross, La Boca, Mason London, Matthew Green, MOL, Raid 71, Rose Stallard, Ryan Chapman, RYCA, Serge Seidlitz, Si Scott, Steve Wilson and many, many more. As with Blisters in previous years, all the prints will be sold at a very affordable £40 so no need to save your pennies! And all artwork is original and signed by the artists so everyone can go home happy!

We’ve been given a sneaky-peek at just a few pieces being featured at the show, so feast your eyes on the following! If you are in the East End area, pop along to the stunning MC Motors venue next door to Print Club’s Studio on Friday 31st August (Private View) and Saturday 1st September,  or go straight to the website to find out more… We can’t freakin’ wait!!!!

Metropolis – Raid71:

Up – Anthony Peters / Imeus Design:

StarWars – Concepcion Studio:

Royal Tenenbaums – Ashley Amery:

Back To The Future – RYCA: