Chase and Wonder is the creative partnership of Faye Pearce and David Aspinall, working from their converted cow shed in rural Worcestershire (lush!). Chase and Wonder was launched in 2010 with the simple aim of creating fine examples of design and creativity, and to “collaborate with individuals or companies who seek passionate and creative results”. Already they have products available via retailers both large and small as well as via their own webshop..and what an impressive collection they have too!?! The range includes super examples of stationary, limited-edition and open-edition prints, cushions, tea-towels, purses, wash bags and pencil cases! And the whole darn lot is bloomin’ gorgeous.

You can see below that we have found it hard to edit what to show you, so we’ve included quite a few pieces as they are all so nice. Their gentlemanly designs are both nostalgic and exciting..and we can’t wait to see what new pieces might appear in the future! David and Faye tell a really nice story about how they met and how Chase and Wonder was born, and so to find out more, please do visit here!