We saw the Dandelion Mobile wallpaper (first set of pics) adorning one of our favourite local shops and we just HAD to ask who it was by. It turns out it is by Essex based company Miss Print, mother and daughter design partnership Yvonne and Rebecca Drury. Having picked up one of their cards from the shop owner we quickly checked out their website and found not only wallpaper but a whole host of fabrics and interior accessories, all featuring their distinctive designs.

All of their prints originate from hand drawn illustrations inspired by their surroundings; ‘the nature within the urban environment and the rich and diverse mix of cultures’. It is also quite evident from their prints that both Scandinavian and Mid Century design play an important role in their creative thinking and it is this combination of those and more modern styles that give them their edge.

All of their fabrics are hand printed and they produce all of their products in the most eco friendly way possible, something that should always be saluted in this day and age. Below we have featured a few of their wallpaper designs but take a look at their website to see the full range and also their collection of homewares. They’re lush!