We think these fabric sculptures might just be the best example of textile taxidermy we’ve ever seen – the detail, the materials, the styling – they all combine to make such stunningly beautiful artworks. Just look at all of the beading on the magpies – it really is something else. Donya Coward is quite the crafts woman!

Each artwork is created using the finest Victorian, Antique, Vintage Nottingham and French laces, embroideries and other antique embellishements – complete with any age marks.  This is in order to preserve the fabrics and also as a nod to the craftmanship and skills of days gone by, while giving the materials a new lease of life in another era.

We think these works are so original and the way Donya uses the different materials and their textures in the forms of the animals is just incredible. We generally think of magpies as being extremely unlucky and wouldn’t usually consider having one as a decorative object, but in this case we could be swayed!