We have some absolutely stunning mixed-media work for you today courtesy of Australian artist Kareem Rizk. We have loved Kareem’s work for ages…it’s just fun.fun.fun…. it just grabs us! His deep appreciation for collage, acrylics, oils, pencil and solvent transfers result in a really vast portfolio featuring nostalgic retro imagery, earning him international recognition. He has been cited as one of the premier mixed media artists working today. His pieces are so multi-layered, we can’t get enough of the text / fashion / cowboy / boxing / car combinations… And the palettes are just gorgeous, are they not?

Kareem also undertakes much freelance illustration, design and art commissions for various clients including news and editorial publications, galleries, university institutes, the boutique fashion industry and the music and entertainment industry. He has exhibited all over the world, has had work published in numerous high profile art magazines and books, and his work is held in private collections worldwide. He is truly prolific, and his work is available via numerous online stores (see here). And so we urge you to check out Kareem’s website for yourself…you’re going to love it!