From time to time we will be adding posts from guests bloggers and we are delighted to announce that our first is none other than the wonderful Imeus Design! We have Imeus to thank for the design and styling of the blog and so we thought it was only fair that we let him air his views and share with us any gems he happens to come across during his life as a superstar illustrator.

You can find out more about Imeus Design and see some further examples of his work in this interview we did with him a while back. We hope his contributions to the blog will continue – his first post is a cracker! So without further ado we shall hand over to Mr Imeus!

I have been a big fan of Ben the Illustrator since way back, when his work with Airside and regular features in Computer Arts would jump off the page with their crisp lines, beautiful overlays and glorious choice of colour were an inspiration!

In the years since Ben’s work has continued to inspire, and he has pretty much branched out into almost every medium and has built up an impressive range of products.

The Ben the Illustrator Collection is a range of fabrics and fabric products created by Ben (aka Ben the Illustrator)and Fiona O’Brien. Designed, printed and hand-made in the UK, every product is manufactured using unlimited volumes of colour and love. Ben is renowned for his affinity with nature and the world around us, encapsulating his inspiration into artwork that breathes fresh air and exhilaration. Ben believes that “good places make people feel good”, whether you’re on the coast watching birds, or on the couch watching TV.  Fiona’s passions lie in interior and product design; with an eye for style and a heart for the home, Fiona is perfectly suited to develop Ben’s artwork into a range of products that will add an exclamation mark to any home.