What we love about Mineheart is not just their gorgeous homeware designs but the ethos behind the company. We are always ones to champion British manufacturing and this is something very close to Minehearts’…well…heart. Launched in 2010 by designers Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia of Studiomold and Young & Battaglia, many of Minehearts’ products are made to order or produced in small batches by UK based craftspeople. They proudly support British design and use local designers and suppliers where possible.

The products featured below are part of the ‘Loveable Collection’. The pieces aim to inspire, tell a story, express a poetic notion or simply make us smile – something we think you’ll agree they achieve. We love the other worldly, etheral feel of some of the pieces and their historical nature. They also have such an interesting way with imagery, taking something and making us look at it in a different way – particularly the textures in the wallpaper collection. All in all a fab find!