We have been huge fans of Ruperts’ work for some time now, ever since we came across some prints of his at a Christmas market in Stoke Newington. We rushed home to check out his website and found a wealth of other work, all equally as bold, bright and fun. We are pleased to see that Roger La Borde have picked up on his work and produced a really fun card range – we always thought his typography would lend itself well to that medium.

Rude not only produce prints, the company started off as a t-shirt label that quickly grew into a exciting street brand. Rude have since produced a number of clothing collections for various companies and Rupert also takes commissions for print projects with clients including  UK Vogue, Converse, Renault, Rimmel, BMI, Shell, Capital Radio, Polydor and Island Records.

You can see more work on both the Rude website and that of Blunt, their worldwide representatives.