We have another wonderful Guest Blog today from the even more wonderful Anthony Peters aka. IMEUS Design. We hope you like what Mr P has in store for you today (we’re pretty sure you will)…

“Remember when you were a kid and the teacher in art class asked you to draw with one continuous line…. Well I do anyhow… I remember how much fun it was but also how difficult and messy it can become. The need to lift the pen from the paper, to scribble out bits that were wrong, or to reach for an eraser have to be strictly ignored. If you are anything like me you’d end up with a mess of line work and an indecipherable picture. If you are anything like Will Scobie you would end up with a beautiful and original artwork!

I have been following Wills work on the intraweb for some time now, and have always been a fan, however it wasn’t until I saw him draw at his recent solo show at Unlimited Editions that I realized just how special and original his work is. Will has a natural affinity with pens and pencils and can draw the most amazing artworks. Plus his sketchbooks reveal that he doesn’t labour over his style, they are also a thing of beauty in themselves!”

Will’s words about himself:

Will Scobie is a Illustrator and graphic artist. He has been featured in various publications worldwide and has exhibited in London, Barcelona and Berlin. He has worked with the likes of Channel 4, Unseen Music and Southbank Centre to name but a few. Will is based in Brighton where he works on a prolific mix of Illustration, Screen Printing and Animation work. 


Twitter: @will_scobie