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If you live in London and regularly grab your free copy of Shortlist for a bit of commuter-reading, then the work of Jack Hughes will undoubtedly look familiar! With his uber-cool illustrations and signature style, Jack has helped to define the Shortlist brand with Mr Hyde –  a new digital daily feature providing culture and entertainment news, plus new mens style and grooming releases. So Jack’s work is the perfect match!

What we love the most about his imagery is Jack’s use of colour – his tonal, muted and very cool palette.. And it’s been a long time since we’ve seen digital fashion / figurative illustrations that we’ve fallen in love with. We felt overdosed by the 90’s and noughties overflow of smooth vector-based scenes of the Ibiza club scene, or beautiful men & women on vespas, living in cool apartments. Jack has created something new and refreshing – and we like it a lot! A little bit Man Men, a little bit Bond..a little bit Tom Ford. Yes – we think we’re in love…

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