Ho ho ho Morning Editors! Christmas is upon us (assuming we see today through to the end, of course!).  It’s wet..it’s cold…but we don’t care. IT’S CHRISTMAAAAASSSSS! We want to say a huge thank you to all of you for your company this year.. We love collaborating on Morning Edit, and receiving your nice comments reminds us that what we’re offering IS damn fine stuff. So thank you!

To welcome the Christmas break, here are a few gorgeous designs from The British Postal Museum Archive. Ok – we might be a little late to use these as postal reminders, but we can still enjoy the imagery and admire the work. Great stuff!

So here’s to you and yours this Christmas…and we can’t wait to meet again at the start of the new year! See you soon!

Katy & Angie xx


Shop_Early_graphic_culture_label.jpg shop_early_post_early_holly_culture_label.jpg