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Julia Trigg’s work is frickin’ gorgeous. We came across her work a few years ago after paying a visit to Brighton-based gallery and collective Unlimited Editions (deffo worth checking out – they have some ace work!). And we have been admirers ever since.

Julia collects typographic ephemera, and it’s these discoveries that help form the starting point of her work; finding inspiration from old stamps, postcards and packaging. Julia says “I couldn’t bear to tear up the original ephemera to use in my collages, and besides, the items are often small and certain to fade, so by working digitally I am able to scan items and do whatever I like! This means I can be experimental with colour, scale, texture and composition, creating lively, graphic, contemporary prints”.

“The fantastic textures of the paper, smudgy vintage coloured inks and intriguing snippets of information look amazing at larger scales. The ephemera takes on a more abstract form, so it is possible to see it in a new, fresh light. With my compositions, I like lining things up (or not) and creating patterns of harmony or tension, if they can have a flavour of Dadaist art, all the better…”

We love it all! Don’t you?