One half of Morning Edit was a very lucky girl at Christmas time; she received one of the fabulous Wrap magazines from Santa Claus. Wrap magazine celebrates the very best in illustration, design and creative culture…and even better than this (should such a thing be possible) – each issue includes five double-sided sheets of wrapping paper, created by some of the most talented illustrators of the moment. And believe me – presents really do look AMAZING when wrapped in..er..Wrap!

What we really like is that this publication bridges the gap between being a magazine and a product. Founded by designers Chris Harrison and Polly Glass in 2010 with the aim of showcasing the work of up-and-coming illustrators, Wrap is published three times a year and stocked in more than 100 shops around the world. So make sure you keep an eye out… it’s filled with such lovely illustrations, artist interviews and features… and – with a big mug of hot chocolate and an open fire – is the perfect accompaniment for these cold winter days!

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