Molly M Designs


It’s been such a long time since we’ve featured any jewellery here on Morning Edit, and so it’s back with a bang today with the gorgeous work of San Francisco designer Molly M Designs. Trained traditionally as an architect, it was after using a laser cutter to make her architectural models that she recognised it’s potential to make some stunning jewellery and homeware products. And boy, are we glad she did!

Molly is always on the lookout for salvaged and scrap materials that can be transformed by a lasercut design; bamboo, birch from responsibly farmed forests, wool salvaged from surplus army clothing, suede reclaimed from second hand jackets and warehouse a multitude of scrap wood veneers from local cabinetmakers. We adore this collection and applaud her resourceful & ethical approach! Come drool over the following…we’ve picked out our favourite necklaces, but her website shows a huge array of earrings too!


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