We were so excited to come across these products by Australian company Blacklist Studio. They’re simple but so beautifully executed and would suit all interior schemes – we could quite happily house every one of them! It’s nice to see a variety of wall art products and not simply paper prints but also wall flags and stretched linen artworks. The products come out of the Blacklist graphic design studio headed up by Sydney based art director Nathan Johnson and whose clients include household names such as Coca Cola, Nespresso and Quiksilver.

With such an amazing client list we’re impressed they have time to produce homewares too – but we for one are very glad they do!

Canvas-01-largepeacelove-02-large iwillwait-01-xlargeyoungh-01-largecrossheart-01-largeholdtight-01-largesunshine-01-largemakemehappy-01-largeXO-01-xlarge Letters-01-large LOVEWAR-03-large paintedpeace-02-large paintedstripe-01-large