We came across the gorgeous folk style art of illustrator Karoline Rerrie on Twitter. We can’t remember how exactly, it was one of those days when we got sucked into Twitters intricate trail of links, you know how it can be. Anyway, we’re glad we did as we have become big fans of her work and hugely admire her appreciation of a number of different mediums including drawing, painting, silk screen and Gocco printing. Phew! As this list would hint at, she likes to keep digital input to a minimum and we’d say looking at the fruits of her labour she should continue to steer clear of computers as the results are beautiful. Quirky homeware store Howkapow have recently started to stock Karoline’s work, you can see the full range and purchase HERE

Karoline Rerrie - Folk Tree and Birds 150dpi
Karoline Rerrie - Purple Folk Tree & Flying Birds

Karoline Rerrie - Folk Tree and Roosters 150dpi

3069  IMG_0739      Karoline Rerrie - Green Spring Flower Tree 150dpi  Karoline Rerrie - New Folk Tail Cat 150dpi   Karoline Rerrie - Spring Flower Tree Cards