When you can’t afford to treat yourself to a special sparkly number, then we’re thinking that Elisa Werbler‘s prints may be the next best thing, if not better! Her works on paper – all available as prints – focus on the intricate forms and colours found within precious birthstones, and boy, are the results precious too! New Yorker Elisa has worked with clients such as Kate Spade, Coach and Anthropologie, and so we know we’re not alone in admiring these beauties! Don’t you feel the same?

PageImage-514131-4576367-aquamarine PageImage-514131-4576368-diamond PageImage-514131-4576373-emerald PageImage-514131-4576375-alexandrite PageImage-514131-4576377-ruby PageImage-514131-4576395-sapphire PageImage-514131-4576398-topaz