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I saw these while on holiday in St Ives, one of the heart pieces was in the window of a gallery. I couldn’t help but think how lovely it  was to make a heart shape out of a love song, especially when the material is  something as iconic as a vinyl record.

Apart from the heart shapes, Keith also takes other famous music quotes and images and creates them from vinyl, my favourite being the ‘Going Underground’ piece – a tube map made from 7″ singles with London titles such as Dagenham Dave. Partnership is the online gallery space of Keith and his artist wife Kim Clayton-Jones (whos gorgeous paper cut outs you should also check out while on the site).

Keith previously worked for the BBC where he worked as designer and director on some of the most important arts programmes of the past twenty years including Arena, The Late Show and Rock Family Trees.

All You Need
GSTQ-Union Jack
lets dance3This Is Pop final viz
Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
DETAIL With All My Love 3
Union Jack
Colour Wheel 1-filtered
4   colour vinyl pink