I came across these artworks by Erik Jones the other day and absolutely fell in love with his kick-ass women. I’ve always had an interest in figurative paintings, it was what I focused on during my art degree but I never produced the kind of works I wanted to. My paintings were always detailed, not quite photo realism but without any major spark or personality. I always wanted to be one of those artists so totally expressive with their line work, the kind who only painted half the person or included only a little detail and yet somehow the work is complete. Just messier. Less bothered with detail.

So I think this goes some way to explain why I love Erik Jones so much – the colours! There’s only half of the face showing! The paint splatters! All things that within my own work would have made me shudder but things that I totally admire in other peoples, THIS is the expression within artwork that I would have loved to create. Anyway that’s why I’m writing a blog and Erik is doing the painting.

Erik’s work has a sense of hyper realism created by using a wide range of mediums and the combination of female figures and nonrepresentational forms are said to mimic geometric high-end fashion. If you’d like to see further examples of Erik’s work you can check out his website.

Armor-by-Erik-Jones-Art Cake-by-Erik-Jones-Art.


erik-Jones-art-racer       Erik-Jones-Zero-One-2013 Galena-by-Erik-Jones-Art