Wow. That Laine Fraser is a clever so and so isn’t she? There I was marvelling at her website, full of illustrations, designs and collages (is there nothing she can’t do?!) when I clicked on a link to a site called Tassel and Gaine. Not only does Laine work as a Senior Graphic Designer for iconic Australian stationery brand Typo, she has enjoyed a successful career incorporating a number of disciplines including brand identity, advertising & marketing collateral, magazine cover & layout design, textile design for both apparel & homewares, through to designing gift cards, wrap, craft/scrapbooking product, stationery items, custom illustration & design.  But not content with a career history like that, NOW she has set up her own boutique homewares label Tassel & Gaine with her friend, Fleur Harris. Phew. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I love, love, love the idea of the double sided cushions, why has nobody thought of this before? Take a look below at a selection of her design and homewares ranges. Wowsers, that’s one busy lady.

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