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We’ve just come across the upcycled ceramic collection by Yvonne Ellen and are finding them utterly charming. Yvonne combines beautiful vintage items with quirky illustrations, and we’re thinking no dinner is complete without one of these beauties. Each piece is entirely original and no two designs are alike – which is just what we love! It’s hard to select a favourite – the bird series below are definitely in our top 5 – but if you check out Yvonne’s shop on Folksy here, you can have a browse of the full set and see which grabs your eye. Go on – do it!
















When English summers are so unpredictable, what better way to keep that permanent holiday feeling than with one of Anna Barlow‘s stunning ice-cream ceramics. Fascinated by the way we eat food, especially the rituals around celebration or indulgent treats, Anna has created this delicious collection for London’s Bicha Gallery. These pieces caught our eye at last weeks’ Affordable Art Fair at Hampstead, and we love how enticing these pieces are… we can almost taste that raspberry sauce. Mmmmmmm…..



As you may have sussed we’re a bit impartial to some nice ceramics and these gorgeous vases by Shade on Shape are no exception. We love the unusual shapes, the luxurious colours  and the fact that they work well individually but together they are a joy.

On top of the ceramics Sonia of Shade on Shape also creates beautiful wooden geometric homewares. The collection isn’t vast but it’s tight and the whole range compliments each other. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this beautiful collection!



[Katy] I’ve been attending a pottery evening class for 3 years now and have loved every minute of it. I find it really relaxing and therapeutic… often realising I haven’t spoken a word to anyone for the whole evening due to being totally absorbed in what i’m doing. Some (well, actually, a lot) of the pieces i’ve created have been terrible. But I thought i’d share my latest collection here on our blog – especially as we talk so much here at Morning Edit HQ about how we love all things clay-based! The range below are all hand-made using the coil technique (I still need to properly conquer that pesky potters wheel). But i’d love to know what you think? Oh – and i’ve thrown in a few cows as well. Please do let me know your thoughts? x















I (Katy) have been attending a ceramics evening class for about 3 years now, and so am always on alert when I see pottery to die for. In fact it’s pretty safe to say that here at Morning Edit HQ we are both equally obsessed with all things clay-based! And so the work of Louise Gelderblom  has really caught our eye.. Louise sculptural vessels are handmade in Cape Town, South Africa, and we love how she describes her work:

“I only coil, because when I coil it feels like I am busy drawing in three dimensions. The shape of the piece and the surface markings on it create a rhythm, a percussion beat that I think of as a wordless tactile language.”

Louise was voted Elle Deco International Design Awards winner: Best Craft Designer in South Africa, and it’s sooooo easy to see why…



We have been deep admirers (and collectors) of the ceramic work of Tina Tsang for a while now; the fabulous designer of Undergrowth Design. Tina Tsang is inspired by “the obscure and uncanny in life”, which she tries to breathe into everyday objects. The results are seductive and fantastical, and stunningly beautiful.

Tina graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2005 in illustration and animation, and her diverse background – which includes film, painting, animation, photography, costume design, fashion design and trend forecasting – has enabled her to have a unique understanding of aesthetics and trends within the design world. And boy, are we loving the results..






It’s time to show some lovely ceramics again as it’s been a little while, and you all know how we much we adore our porcelain!!

Helen Beard’s distinctive pieces below begin with drawings of quirky individuals and curious places, which she uses to illustrate her hand-thrown pots. By grouping the pots together, she likes to tell a story, creating whimsical scenes that capture the insignificant yet precious moments that make up our daily lives.

Every pot is individually thrown in Limoges porcelain on a potter’s wheel before being hand-painted. The pots are decorated using a technique that Helen developed to create an effect similar to watercolour and ink. Her freehand line drawing is transferred onto the pot using a form of relief print. Colour is painted over the drawing using different washes of ceramic stain, and finally the pots are dip-glazed and smoothed down ready for the final stage of firing.

We’re pretty sure you’re loving these as much as we are?!

There is nothing quite like a bit of metamorphosis + anthropomorphism first thing in a morning, is there not? And these rather sexy plates from BeatUp Creations, aka Angela Rossi, is certainly floating our boat today. Too nice to serve bangers and mash off..these rather regal beauties deserve to be admired and bowed down to. Prices vary depending on the detail and age of the antique plate…But as we start turning our heads towards the festive season ( still quite a while away, thank gawwwwd!) these are definitely contenders for Santa’s List!

Colour Colour Colour! We love fun, bright, colourful things done in a stylish way and as you can see Nina van de Goor (aka Ninainvorm) is an artist after own own hearts. Nina, from the Netherlands works with both vintage and new materials, adding her own distinctive style in the form of colourful, folky illustrations. She is a collector of ceramics and this appreciation shows in her designs which are so considered and instantly uplift and breathe new life into the pieces.

We have only featured Ninas ceramics as these are our favourite medium of hers but we could fill another post with her beautiful collages and fabrics. You can see all of her designs in her Etsy shop which is well worth a look. Go on…add some colour to your collection!

We do love discovering new and exciting ceramics and it’s certainly safe to say the work by l’atelier des garcons can be described as that. We love the fluidity in the shapes of the pieces combined with the bright colours and bold designs. L’atelier des garcons is the work of French ceramicists, Jean-Marc Fondimare and Eric Hibelot. We’d love to be able to tell you more about them but their website is entirely in French and our Francais really ain’t that grand. Should your language skills be more advanced than ours (which shouldn’t be too difficult…) then check out the website here. Then maybe you could fill us in. In the meantime we’ll let their work do the talking:

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