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We are rather proud to share another fabulous Guest Blog with you today from the super-talented Anthony Peters, aka IMEUS Design. Anthony heads-up his own multi disciplinary Design and Illustration studio, and has a fantastic eye for discovering amazing work (as well as creating his own!). And so we’re sharing one of his favourites with you today… enjoy!…


I have always been a big fan of the work of paper-craft maestro Helen Musselwhite, and I know the girls at Morning Edit are too. For me it’s a mixture of two things that entice me to her work..


The first is that everything she does is beautiful with a tiny touch of whimsy, and occasionally a pinch of something darker, like a fairytale from the black forest. Secondly I am in awe of the craft. Helen is a cross between a surgeon and an origami master, and boy must she have some patience! Her work is impossible to imitate in these days of the digital doppelganger.



Her style is unmistakable whether it’s adorning the walls of a gallery, posters for the National Theatre or a window display for Stella McCartney!



If you are a resident of the South Coast (as I am) you can catch Helen’s work at the Boxbird Gallery, Brighton from the 2nd of May in the ‘ThreeD’ group show, along with Graham Carter and Tom Frost.

In the words of Boxbird Gallery:

‘We will be celebrating the world of 3D Illustration with a stunning collection of new exclusive art works made using paper, boxed art & sculpture to bring illustration into a whole new dimension! To compliment these brilliant 3D pieces will be limited edition silkscreens and original drawings, and as always at affordable prices!

And if that was not enough we will be working with Ticktockrobot Animation Studios to create some really unique animations with the three artists…. So keep an eye out for those!’





Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 19.23.28



Teacup Island



We have another wonderful Guest Blog today from the even more wonderful Anthony Peters aka. IMEUS Design. We hope you like what Mr P has in store for you today (we’re pretty sure you will)…

“Remember when you were a kid and the teacher in art class asked you to draw with one continuous line…. Well I do anyhow… I remember how much fun it was but also how difficult and messy it can become. The need to lift the pen from the paper, to scribble out bits that were wrong, or to reach for an eraser have to be strictly ignored. If you are anything like me you’d end up with a mess of line work and an indecipherable picture. If you are anything like Will Scobie you would end up with a beautiful and original artwork!

I have been following Wills work on the intraweb for some time now, and have always been a fan, however it wasn’t until I saw him draw at his recent solo show at Unlimited Editions that I realized just how special and original his work is. Will has a natural affinity with pens and pencils and can draw the most amazing artworks. Plus his sketchbooks reveal that he doesn’t labour over his style, they are also a thing of beauty in themselves!”

Will’s words about himself:

Will Scobie is a Illustrator and graphic artist. He has been featured in various publications worldwide and has exhibited in London, Barcelona and Berlin. He has worked with the likes of Channel 4, Unseen Music and Southbank Centre to name but a few. Will is based in Brighton where he works on a prolific mix of Illustration, Screen Printing and Animation work.

Twitter: @will_scobie

From time to time we will be adding posts from guests bloggers and we are delighted to announce that our first is none other than the wonderful Imeus Design! We have Imeus to thank for the design and styling of the blog and so we thought it was only fair that we let him air his views and share with us any gems he happens to come across during his life as a superstar illustrator.

You can find out more about Imeus Design and see some further examples of his work in this interview we did with him a while back. We hope his contributions to the blog will continue – his first post is a cracker! So without further ado we shall hand over to Mr Imeus!

I have been a big fan of Ben the Illustrator since way back, when his work with Airside and regular features in Computer Arts would jump off the page with their crisp lines, beautiful overlays and glorious choice of colour were an inspiration!

In the years since Ben’s work has continued to inspire, and he has pretty much branched out into almost every medium and has built up an impressive range of products.

The Ben the Illustrator Collection is a range of fabrics and fabric products created by Ben (aka Ben the Illustrator)and Fiona O’Brien. Designed, printed and hand-made in the UK, every product is manufactured using unlimited volumes of colour and love. Ben is renowned for his affinity with nature and the world around us, encapsulating his inspiration into artwork that breathes fresh air and exhilaration. Ben believes that “good places make people feel good”, whether you’re on the coast watching birds, or on the couch watching TV.  Fiona’s passions lie in interior and product design; with an eye for style and a heart for the home, Fiona is perfectly suited to develop Ben’s artwork into a range of products that will add an exclamation mark to any home.


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