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We featured the work of Steven Quinn a little while ago here, but after seeing his recent new works we just had to share a few more! His collage work covers an abundance of themes, but most evident is the apocalyptic thread running through much of his work. There is a great deal of collage work in vogue this year, so we love seeing artists and designers who are clearly masters of their craft. And Steven is definitely that. You can see a lot of his portfolio on flickr, but what’s so crazy that this is just what he creates in his down-time, undertaking a great deal of digital animation and moving image projects the rest of the time. Seeing as though the UK is experiencing it’s own apocalyptic wind-battering this morning outside, we felt another visit to Steven’s work felt quite appropriate!


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Welcome to the world through the wonderful eyes of Brock Davis. The photos you see below were all taken on an Iphone in 2012; funny, crazy,  bizarre – however you view them there is no denying this man has one vivid imagination. What we’d give to have seen his imaginative play as a kid! Brock’s CV reads like something from Mad Men with more awards than Don Draper could shake a stick at. Having worked in advertising for the past 17 years, Brock counts himself as an Art Director, Creative Director, Artist, Designer, Illustrator, Photographer and Conceptual Thinker. And having looked at his website who are we to argue? So many inspirational ideas, go and have a look. Go on…



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And here are a few bits from other projects we found while browsing his website, so funny we had to share. Starting with the Cucumber Killer Whale:

Exhibitionist Coffee Cup

Rice Krispyhenge

Cheeseburger on a Trampoline


A Balanced Breakfast

  Luke Toastwalker

Family Portrait



[Angie] This is a slightly more personal post than normal. We’re a creative duo ourselves here at Morning Edit, Katy introduced you to her awesome ceramics a couple of weeks ago and I design and produce a series of prints (and a slowly expanding homewares collection) under the name Of Life & Lemons. But this post isn’t about me, it’s about a brilliant up and coming photographer friend of mine who I am lucky enough to have do my product photography. I did a shoot with O’Hanley last week and I am so chuffed with the results – here are a few of my favourites:

blog seaside
blog wine

Ben of O’Hanley has the most amazing knack of capturing a fleeting moment in a really soft, dreamy way while keeping the image looking totally contemporary. Ben specialises in portrait photography as you can see from the shockingly beautiful examples below (although I happen to think he’s pretty good at product photos too…) I just love the delicately muted palettes that allow a certain feature such as the blues of eyes or pink of lips to really pop out – just beautiful.

Luckily for me and my prints he is also based in Leigh on Sea, Essex and for the last 15 years he has been combining work in the broadcast industry with commercial photography projects. You can get in touch with him via his website should you wish to discuss any type of commission, Ben is open to pretty much any project. But just don’t keep him too busy eh?


Firstly we have to thank my mum for coming across these (what a good eye she has!) and forwarding them on because she thought they might be good for the blog. Err…yeah! What an amazing idea, photographer Léo Caillard took photographs of his friends posing in a similar way to some classical statues and then retoucher and general Photoshop genius, Alexis Persani manipulated the photos to make it look as though the statues were wearing ‘street’ clothes. Love the idea, love the execution.

And for the record I think my mum was browsing the Innocent Drinks website, click on the images to find the original source. Thanks mum!

hipster-sculptures-alexis-persani-leo-caillard-12  hipster-sculptures-alexis-persani-leo-caillard-8

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 21.58.35We have come across the work of New Yorker Matt Wisniewski several times recently and each time we spot his work, it takes our breath away. His imagery is a combination of photography and graphic design, and the blend of the two is seamless, ethereal and all rather beautiful, don’t cha think? We urge you to browse his website as he has a really wide portfolio – each piece as dreamy as the next..



There is something about the work of Austin-based photographer Alexandra Valenti which is really magical, don’t you think? We love how effective these pieces are in their simplicity.. How adding hand-drawn colour gives these photographs a completely new dimension. And it also makes us want to live by the water and frolic with nature! I mean – who doesn’t? All of her prints are available as limited editions should you wish to be transported to one of these dreamy destinations. We certainly do.





The seductive work of Rosie Emerson has definitely caught our eye! Having just exhibited her work at London’s The Other Art Fair these last few days it’s quite likely that hundreds of people are feeling exactly the same as we are; her work was certainly drawing the crowd!

Rosie studied Fine Art at Kingston University and has gone on to dedicate her work to exploring beauty, power and voyeurism within the subject of the female image. She has exhibited widely in the UK, as well worldwide, and has also collaborated with brands which include Sony, Triumph Underwear, Redbull, P&O Cruises, Toms and Annoushka Jewelry. Her unique collage style has also led to her work being published the likes of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and The Financial Times. Wowza!

We had to bring this collection together for you today in remembrance for Armistice Day yesterday. An absolutely stunning and powerfully moving collection of prints and photographs from the Imperial War Museum, dating from both the First and Second World Wars. We’ve presented just a small selection from the archives below, but the IWM collections include so many amazing images from WW1 and WW2 and so many deserve to be seen, shared and appreciated.

The photographic archives are the images which we find most moving… a snapshot of the almighty tragedy, the comradeship, the liberation, the shared union, and the childhood wonder of our wartime history. A moment of extreme pride, sadness, courage., and the ultimate sacrifice…

All of the above are available as framed and unframed prints via the IWM archives here, and via CultureLabel here.

We will definitely be talking about Cassia Beck again in the near future as her photography is wonderful and far too extensive to sum up here in our short Eye Candy post.. But we just wanted to whet your appetite for what’s to come with these gorgeous shots above. Cassia has a diverse portfolio of beautiful shots which are largely vintage in both technique and subject matter, and her style makes us feel nostalgic, feminine and ‘homely’ all at the same time. Damn good stuff.

We absolutely love the concept behind this Tumblr site and the subsequent prints available to purchase. Photographer Francis Ooi leaves hsis Singapore home telling his wife he’s going for a run but the resulting photographs only serve to prove that he walks more than he runs. And he takes stunningly beautiful photographs of what he sees along the way, photographs reminiscent of the mighty Karl Blossfeldt – praise indeed!

We’re sure his wife has by now forgiven his little white lie, after all as his website states his lack of focus outdoors is our gain in beauty indoors. You can buy the resulting prints through his store HERE (including the breathtaking new limited edition Archival Black triptych…) and if you’d like to see more you can follow the Tumblr stream.

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