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Other than lots of chocolate Easter eggs, one of the nicest gifts we received over the Easter weekend was this ‘Pass the Parcel’ invite from Boxbird Gallery, promoting their next exhibition Three-D with Helen Musselwhite, Graham Carter & Tom Frost (ohhhh such amazing designers!). Pass The Parcel is Helen’s first animation and was bought to life by the talented team at Ticktockrobot Animation Studios. We’ve provided some stills below, but they don’t do the real thing justice! This is just the first of a series of animations being launched before the show, and each will feature the work of one of the artists from the show, exploring how moving from the 2D world to the 3D world opens new possibilities. Have a gander here at the first in what sounds like a fab line-up… It’s utterly charming!

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Who doesn’t love Superhero’s? Well, we certainly do, and we’re loving the work of Liam Brazier just as much… His signature style of angular, graphic images depicting some of our movie hero’s is very well thought out and brilliantly executed! We’re loving the compositions! Here are a few of our favourites below, but check out his website for more impressiveness:















We just wanted to let you know that in the run up to Christmas, we’re gonna be featuring our Morning Edit loveliness on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only.. we hope this doesn’t stop you visiting us! Once 2013 is upon us we’ll be back to our daily dosage of art + design goodies, but up until then, please swing by here thrice-weekly to say hello and hang out with us!

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Having worked together for over 7 years as Researchers in the publishing industry, sourcing new talent for both the global Interior and Stationery markets, Angie and Katy have embarked upon this exciting adventure of bringing together even more loveliness all under one roof for you to enjoy. Angie – formerly of Easy On The Eye, and Katy – blogger of All Kinds of New have been wanting to do this for ages. And finally they have!

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Welcome to Morning Edit! We hope enjoy your stay!

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