What we like most about Ana Montiel‘s work is the diversity of her portfolio, as such different styles are incorporated and yet all are so strong! We’re digging the abstract pattern pieces shown first below, but who can resist the gorgeous ‘cake’ themed design as well? Ana is a London-based Spanish designer with many talents to her name.. Her influences vary from David Lynch and his ‘holistic approach to creativity’.. Jung’s Red Book, the Arts & Crafts movements, Quantum Physics, Astrology, and Yoga. Perhaps her diverse influences help to explain her varied styles and approaches? But we’re not alone in loving her stuff.. Her client list includes Nina Ricci, Anthropologie, Jo Malone and Carolina Herrera, and has exhibited in Europe and North America. So all pretty impressive. We hope you like!







Ok so we’d seen the first range of homewares by Vintage by Hemingway – you know the Tea, Coffee, Sugar canisters:000336666…and yes we loved them. We’d seen the range of prints (all available from the wonderful East End Prints website. Where you can also purchase the work of Of Life & Lemons. Just sayin’…)

tall dark handsome




desmag002  desmag010
 And of course we adored them, unable to pick a favourite. We’d fallen for the exquisite retro wallpapers:

(Just check out this one from the new range with Graham & Brown…swoon..)

But then they went and brought out this range of homewares that I don’t think we could love anymore if we had sat down with someone and designed them ourselves. Just in case you hadn’t quite gathered we LOVE THEM! In particular the haberdashery range for John Lewis (that black deco vanity case WILL be mine): Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 19.02.44 Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 19.02.55
231662014 Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 19.03.14 And the kitchenware…well just take a look for yourselves: Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 19.04.08 Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 19.04.18 Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 19.04.28 Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 19.04.41This time they have surpassed themselves, just revel in their retro glory. Apparently the haberdashery range has been out for ages – a year or so. I don’t know how they managed to stay off my radar but I will make sure it never happens again. And in case anyone who knows me is reading this and was thinking of buying me a Christmas present there are some pretty huge hints going on here. Just sayin’…


Yep – it’s safe to say that Anna Higgie certainly can draw. And very well at that! We’ve just come across one of her pieces on Pinterest and after exploring her portfolio on her website as well as her online shop via etsy, we’re feeling kinda smitten. We’re loving the fashion/pop-art/collage/monochrome vibe she has going on as part of her signature style..but it’s her contrasting delicate and sophisticated drawing skills that have blown us away most of all… What do you think? Lovely, eh..? Deffo one to watch we think..



Berlin-born designer Elisa Strozyk is the talented designer behind these wonderful ‘wooden rugs’. Elisa has a list of awards as long as your arm, including Elle Deco’s Textile Designer of the Year 2011 and 1st prize for the Salone Satellite Award, and her credentials certainly are impressive! We love just how unique and special her products are, and they’re not just limited to rugs but also lighting, carpets and furniture. They definitely have the ‘wow’ factor!







Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 15.00.33

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 15.00.41

Every now and again you come across a website and just know you have found something super exciting. And that’s how we felt when we came across the site of Erin Cone. We love the combination of sophisticated, glamorous women and their awkward poses and unbalanced canvases. The beautiful colours give the works a serene feel which is a surprise given the stiffness of the compositions and the swathes of empty spaces.

Since 2001 Erin has had seventeen solo shows and has amassed a vast body of work. Born in Texas in 1976, Erin now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico and continues to enjoy critical acclaim for her uniquely bold take on figurative realism.



David David‘s geometric collections are sooooo bold and  colourful, that given half a chance (and a pay rise perhaps) we’d fill our homes with all of their stuff. We think their prints, cushions, beanbags, greetings cards, umbrellas and scarfs (phew!) are stunning. Check them out for yourself amigos…

stand_to_reason_print In_the_house_50x40_framed dd_black_blocker_50x70_framed cushion_3 daviddavid_product_0274 cross_50x40_framed front_405 daviddavid_product_0257 notebooks bean-bag-1-web

cushion_2 original_blocker


How have we not come across Norwegian designer Magnus Voll Mathiassen before, eh? His client list includes Nike USA, Neenah Paper, Rune Grammofon, Microsoft, Buskerud County Council, Sony PlayStation, ESPN Magazine, and has been featured in numerous books and magazines as well as exhibiting at Chamount International Poster Festival and Somerset House. So how we have missed him we don’t know!! Pretty impressive stuff. We’re loving his striking, colourful portrait pieces and his signature style… it’s certainly floating our boat!


I came across these artworks by Erik Jones the other day and absolutely fell in love with his kick-ass women. I’ve always had an interest in figurative paintings, it was what I focused on during my art degree but I never produced the kind of works I wanted to. My paintings were always detailed, not quite photo realism but without any major spark or personality. I always wanted to be one of those artists so totally expressive with their line work, the kind who only painted half the person or included only a little detail and yet somehow the work is complete. Just messier. Less bothered with detail.

So I think this goes some way to explain why I love Erik Jones so much – the colours! There’s only half of the face showing! The paint splatters! All things that within my own work would have made me shudder but things that I totally admire in other peoples, THIS is the expression within artwork that I would have loved to create. Anyway that’s why I’m writing a blog and Erik is doing the painting.

Erik’s work has a sense of hyper realism created by using a wide range of mediums and the combination of female figures and nonrepresentational forms are said to mimic geometric high-end fashion. If you’d like to see further examples of Erik’s work you can check out his website.

Armor-by-Erik-Jones-Art Cake-by-Erik-Jones-Art.


erik-Jones-art-racer       Erik-Jones-Zero-One-2013 Galena-by-Erik-Jones-Art



We have some more gorgeous home-wares for you today – this time from Wales-based designer Sian Elin. Her patterns and palettes are just so vibrant, fun and uplifting don’t you think? Out favourite (though admittedly it’s very hard to choose one) is the Tress multicolour wallpaper shown first below.. but to be honest, we’d love our homes to be showered with all of her designs. Sian believes that “interior products are a lifestyle – they interact with one another to produce the perfect environment for a busy life”..and we agree wholeheartedly. All of her pieces are proudly made in the UK, and admirers of her work (other than yours truly) include Elle Decoration, Glamour, Easy Living, Good Homes, The Guardian, House Beautiful, Period Ideas, and Grand Designs. And – before we finish – she has also been shortlisted for the Guardian’s Small Business Best Practice Award, highlighting the best of British business. Hurrah!









anothervisiondesign_logoEvery now and then you see something on a website and you just HAVE to have it. That’s what happened to me when I came across this range of ‘Ruben and Friends’ cushions by Another Vision Design. Each cushion is made to order and eco friendly to boot, right down to the non-allergenic fibres in the plush inserts which are made from recycled plastic. They measure 45x45cm and cost AU$95 (around £50). And one will hopefully be gracing my sofa sometime soon (I might have to have a word with Santa about that one..)

The cushions are designed and made in Melbourne, Australia by swedish born graphic artist Therese Gustafsson who obviously has a great sense of humour, judging by the photos of the cushions on the Another Vision Facebook page!

13255_497417196993490_1619852886_n 1185759_509968195738390_1979810805_n





Alongside the Ruben and Friends range Another Vision do also have some other cushion designs, a few are shown below:






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